How to choose a Wedding Theme?


You may be surprised to learn that once you get the ball rolling, deciding on a Wedding Theme will probably not be as difficult as you originally thought.  Yes, when you first sit down and think about it, it may seem a little bit daunting.  Decisions! Decisions! Decisions!  But, the bottom line is, that you and your partner’s personalities can’t help but come shining through when making those decisions and once you begin expressing your thoughts and feelings it will all come together before you know it.   When it does, you will have a wedding day and theme to remember forever.

With most things, getting started can sometimes be the problem, but if you start at the beginning and just keep going, you will eventually get to the end.  A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.  So keep reading and stepping and we will try to guide you through the process.

1.     Current Top Wedding Themes

First up here are the five top wedding themes that you might like to consider in the first instance.

•       vintage glamour;

•       beach wedding;

•       rustic chic;

•       classic romance;

•       ethnic.

These five themes are all very popular at the moment …… but if none of the above is your thing, fear not, as there are many, many other possibilities, one of which will definitely “be you”.  Keep reading, because we’re here to help.

2.     Match your Theme to your Personality

Quick Quiz – which 3 matches your personality best?   

•       Laid back

•       Breezy

•       Off beat

•       Out there

•       Classic

•       Contemporary

•       Elegant

•       Spiritual

•       Charming

•       Eclectic

•       Unique

•       Whimsical

•       Mysterious

•       Adventurous

If you managed to choose three adjectives from the above list you are probably already on your way to finding your Wedding Theme.  Just by matching your theme to your personality traits the battle is nearly won.

Look within yourself and your partner to see what makes you both tick, what makes you both excited, and what makes you both come to life, because this is where you will find your happy place and the foundation for your Wedding Theme.  Endeavour to ensure your theme is a reflection of both you and your partner.

You may also like to consider some of your joint hobbies, sky-diving comes to mind for some reason, but it could be stamp collecting or anything in between.  If you both have a passion for something, no matter how ordinary, no matter how adventurous, this can also be worked into your Wedding Theme, to help ensure it’s a day that you and your guests will remember. 

3.     Match your Theme to your Venue

When choosing your venue bear in mind that this may also influence your theme.  Decide whether you would prefer an indoor or outdoor setting and what kind of vibe you would like to generate for your guests. 

For example, perhaps you are an outdoorsy couple who love nothing more than being out in Mother Nature enjoying all she has to offer.  Why not consider one of WA’s stunning southwest wineries or a beach theme or even a simple backyard wedding. Not keen on the outdoors, then something more traditional could work for you.  

In general go with your feelings and your intuition.   You will know it when you see it. 

4.     Match your theme to your budget

Once you know the general direction you would like your Wedding Theme to take, ensure you match the theme to your budget.  You will want to blend your theme into such things as stationery, lighting design, centre pieces, tablecloths, cake and of course the dresses, so make sure your budget can cope.

You will be disappointed if you choose an elegant, classic romance theme with all the elaborate trimmings but find you only have a budget for a simple backyard wedding for example.  Find your bliss by all means, but be realistic.

5.     Match your theme to the season

Probably a no-brainer and in our beautiful Western Australian climate, maybe not of ultimate importance, but matching your theme to the season is possibly something you do need to consider.  A beautiful beach-side wedding, for example, could be a bit of a washout in the middle of one of our WA winter storms, with a light show thrown in for good measure.  It still could turn out to be a day to remember, but perhaps not for the right reasons!   Just saying !!! 

6.     Ensure continuity

Finally, to get the best effect for your Wedding Theme try to ensure you have continuity throughout and that the theme is matched right from your invitations through to your table settings.  

Unless of course you have selected “Out there”, Eclectic” and “Adventurous” from our above list.  If you are that person, go for your life girl and enjoy!!!




Vicki Brown