Our Top Tips for creating a Vintage/Rustic Wedding


We meet so many amazing couples (I say 'meet' because my conversations with many couples are via email) who are very pragmatic about their Wedding Day.

They all have beautiful dreams and visions of a magical day, with rustic touches, glittering lights, amazing flowers everywhere, candles twinkling on every surface, and all their family and friends having a wonderful time. Many couple nowadays are also tempted to plan for an 'Outdoor Wedding' or a ‘Paddock Wedding’, but . . . . 

. . . they are practical enough to know that an outdoor wedding will mean dust, leaves, prickles, grass seeds, fire hazards (no candles!), more costs (we have to hire generators?!?) and did I mention the dust?

So how can a modern Bride & Groom plan for a Vintage/Rustic wedding without all the 'outdoorsy' hassles?

You go ‘indoors’ and decorate with style!

  • Create ‘starlight’ with well-placed fairy lights
  • Give it a rustic feeling by replacing daggy resort chairs with hired timber Brentwood chairs
  • Instead of round tables, ask for rectangular tables placed end-to-end (banquet style)
  • Layer natural timber elements all over the room
  • Place crocheted or lace pieces over plain white tablecloths
  • Utilise any natural light available by creating a vignette near open doors or windows
  • Layer, layer, layer – lights, sheer fabrics & decorative items

When planning your wedding don’t feel pressured to accept ‘set’ styles for a reception location. And if a location insists that you can only use ONE stylist or hire company . . . reconsider your reception location. It could mean you will get locked into costly contracts and décor you don’t even like (but that’s another blog post!).

Above all – communicate what you love and want to your stylist with images – listen to their suggestions as well as making your own requests. Use Pinterest and magazine pictures to REALLY show what you want.

And enjoy the process of creating your Dream Wedding.


Vicki Brown